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“Valodu Serviss” offers professional translation services in various areas. We comprehend very well that every translation project is different and requires a thorough understanding of the topic and the use of corresponding terminology. For instance, legal texts require extensive knowledge about the legal system, but the medical text translations require specific knowledge in medicine. That is why the company “Valodu Serviss” provides translators who specialize in various fields and areas.

Written translation areas:

  • Medical texts – medical and pharmaceutical text translation, medical certificates, medical references, epicrisis, medication instructions, medical equipment instructions.
  • Legal texts – contracts, agreements, business registration documents (for example, registration certificates, articles of association), financial documentation, bank and tax documentation, business plans, technical specifications, licences, certificates, court decisions
  • Web page translations
  • Marketing – brochures, advertorials, catalogues, menus
  • Finances – annual and audit reports, balance sheets
  • Technical texts – automobiles, aviation, instruction manuals, IT, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, electronics, physics, telecommunication, project specification, application interface, computer games
  • Translation of documents – birth and marriage certificates, passports, diplomas, report cards
  • State administration – EU documentation, state and local government reports
  • Literary text translation – translation of fiction, periodical translation (newspapers, magazines), services of literary editing.