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Consecutive translation is used for different types of negotiations or corporate events. The main advantage of this type of interpreting is that there is no need of additional technical equipment. Consecutive translation can be performed anywhere – in the car, in the airport, visiting the client or at a lawyer, at business lunch or alfresco. Consecutive translator accompanies the speaker everywhere.

Performing consecutive translation, the interpreter listens to some of the speaker’s uttered sentences which simultaneously are translated into target language. As a result, the interpreter works both with the encoder and decoder.

For the translator it is preferable to get acquainted, in advance, with essentials of the translated text, its content and the outline of the event.

Consecutive translation is much more reasonable than the simultaneous translation. Consecutive translation can be suitable for both small and medium type businesses.

Consecutive translation can be both unilateral and bilateral. If the interpreter performs translation from target language to their native tongue and vice verse, it is called bilateral consecutive translation. If one translator does translation from the target language to native language, and another translator does translation from native tongue to foreign language, it is called unilateral consecutive translation.

“Valodu Serviss” offers the following consecutive translation services:

  • business negotiations;
  • hearing at courts, specification of documents at the attorney;
  • seminars;
  • installing technical equipment;
  • excursions;
  • presentations, exhibitions.

Depending on the event’s theme “Valodu Serviss” offers qualified and educated translators, possessing decent manners, representative look and professional experts in areas required.