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Multilingual web pages and their globalization is an effective promotional tool for the company in the international market. Webpage translation and its localization in the particular region create conditions for the development of your company and opens doors to new international level.

Webpage localization
Webpage localization is the integration of web pages according to cultural and language characteristics, namely, the resource optimization according to the client’s needs.
Translation agency “Valodu Serviss” offers webpage localization services that help integrate your web page in the web space of other countries with specific linguistic and cultural contexts. Our experienced translators will take your webpage and localize as well as adapt it according to your target audience needs.

Webpage translation requires its own characteristics: webpage is not only a text, but also the source of information (menu, headings, multimedia objects, and flashes). That is why, full localization of webpage usually require translating all the texts into the target language in such a way that design, structure and logic remain the same as the origin.

Why it is necessary to make localization of the webpage?
If your company has contacts with the foreign countries or you have perspective to enter foreign markets, according to terms of globalization conditions, you need to make your webpage easily available to your foreign clients.
We will fulfil all your resources localization as well as optimization, applying all the international search engines and data copying systems to reflect your webpage in any browser.
Webpage localization, foreign language data and search engine optimization, as well as properly created advertising company in global network allows you move to new level in your business.