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Technical text translation includes technical literature catalogues of technical equipment, manuals, patents, scientific papers; translation from one language to another.

“Valodu Serviss” translates into almost every world language and back. “Valodu Serviss” has been successfully working in this area for years, providing its services to a wide range of clients, including numerous international companies.

Technical text translation characteristic features
Translation of technical text means that the expert performing translation project should be well-oriented in the source text as well as be able to interpret temperament of the text as closely and accurately as possible. Translator should be able to understand not only specific terms but also the context in which these terms are used.
Technical literature translator must also have scrupulous language knowledge and working experience with the text. Performing technical text translation, it is crucial not only explain properly the nature of the original text but also keep the author’s style.

“Valodu Serviss” experts have extensive experience in translation of such type of texts, from engineering to oil and gas industry. Hence, excellent quality of translation is GUARANTEED.

Our company’s genuine translation experts work responsibilities include the following requests:

  • Understanding of at least one language at a certain level that is necessary to comprehend the origin of the text
  • Excellent knowledge of one’s mother tongue that provides perfect understanding of the text’s nature
  • Ability to use additional source of information
  • Knowledge of terminology in both languages – both in mother tongue and a target language required for translation
  • Good knowledge of technical area which requires high performance of translation
  • Sufficient skills in technical text translation

Professional translation directions

  • Experts of “Valodu Serviss” perform technical text translation in the following areas:
  • Biology, physics, chemistry, petroleum chemistry, geodesy, material science
    (coal) mining, oil and gas, building constructions, metallurgy and metal working equipment, tobacco industry ad equipment
  • Engineering, automotive industry, airplane industry, shipbuilding
  • Stamping, welding
  • Computer equipment, software, IT, programming
  • Energy
  • Electrical installation
  • Underground facilities
  • Bridge construction
  • Ventilation system
  • Ecology and water treatment plants

Problems of translation
Translation of technical texts require clarity, coherency, and of course the accuracy of the source text, transferring the context. The later condition can be met only by the text translation expert having excellent knowledge of the industry and professional skills with technical texts which are always associated with some difficulties.Terminology translation
Special terminology abundance is one of the key features in technical texts. The word that is used in the technical text can have more than one meaning. That is why the translator should be able to find the proper term not only in special terminology dictionaries but also in handbooks as well as capability to look for information on the trustworthy Internet pages.

Abbreviation translation
Technical texts are full of variety of acronyms and abbreviations. Approved translations of abbreviations are recorded in special dictionaries. Translator’s responsibility is to interpret new and unknown abbreviations.

Types of documents
Technical text translation is one of our business priorities expertises

  • Potent documentation
  • Project documentation
  • Catalogues of manufacturing equipment and materials
  • Technical descriptions and product specifications
  • Product technical documentation
  • Manuals, equipment installation, repair instructions, etc.