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The use of specific terminology and perception of complex sentences differentiate scientific text translation from another type of texts. The translator’s main task is to find corresponding terms in the target language and pass the information to experts in comprehensible form. However, for that kind of work, language knowledge is not enough; the translator also must be aware of linguistics and required level of science.

In translation agency “Valodu Serviss” labour different profile experts who are familiar with economics, medicine, science etc. For each specific task we choose a translator with education in the required area and work experience. Our translators possess the necessary degrees as well as they publish their own scientific researches. The qualifications in various fields of our office staff are the guarantee to our client who receives skilfully performed project. Turning to us, the client immediately receives the highest service level.

Types of the scientific text translation:
Depending on the text complexity and specialization, we apply different approaches to the scientific texts. In most cases, performing highly specialized translation of scientific text, translators of
“Valodu Serviss” search or create the necessary glossary. It allows translating very closely to the text, transferring the nature of the scientific work and keeping the message of the work created by the author.

We offer the following translation services:

  • Scientific articles, papers, books
  • Theses, dissertations, research papers
  • Diplomas
  • Manuals and teaching materials
  • Research reports, results of scientific research
  • Reviews and reviews of scientific papers and theses
  • Research reports in different areas