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“Valodu Serviss” offers medical text translation to make available the information included in the foreign language. We perform a variety of medical text translations in various fields, including psychological, surgical, dental, psychiatric, veterinary, etc. Our translators of medical texts meet all the requirements and standards that have been adopted in different countries for medical text translation presentation.

 “Valodu Serviss” offers translations of such documents, texts, and other source of information that are related to medicine:

  • Clinical investigation documents – personal medical carts, brochures, investigation protocols, etc.
  • Medical documentation – text results, medical history, references, reports and other protocols
  • Medical equipment and instruction documents (operating rules, equipment descriptions);
  • Pharmaceutical documentation – documentation of medical preparation, instructions, medications quality control documents
  • Any complexity and content of the medical websites
  • Scientific and medical articles, theses, manuals, training materials, etc

Medical Article Translation
Medicine is developing constantly; almost every day there are new discoveries made in the world as well as effective treatments are found. Everything is reflected in the medical writings which become available after qualified translation to overcome language barrier and be informed about latest discovery by finding treatments and scientific tasks for modern solutions.
“Valodu Serviss” performs translation according to all standards and requirements which are set for medical content texts. Our translators perform a thorough job with each text, getting not only accurate translation in different languages but also make access to information which will be available to a wide range of experts in the field of medicine.

Medical Findings and Reference Translation
Medical examinations are an integral part of references, statements, patient investigations, findings, etc. This kind of translation requires high level of responsibility. The information contained in these documents, in majority cases, is vital to the customer. It will definitely be taken into account working with a text.
In-depth, knowledge of medical theories and the ability to find a flexible approach to complex medical terminology guarantees reliability of all information received from our experts.

Urgent Medical Text Translation
In medicine, as well as in other fields of science, it is not permitted to hesitate when it comes to human life and its loss, in a short time everything what is necessary should be done to help.
Our translators are able to make translation of rapid and high quality of important findings, investigation reports, operation management contracts and other documentation translation.