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Literary text translation is one of the most specific types of translations. The author’s style, emotional and imagery colouring are specific features of such texts. The main task of our experts is to find the most appropriate words in the target language in order to have not only accurately translated content of the text but also to transfer the author’s original style. Our translators are experienced experts in various fields of literature using their knowledge and creativity to perform translation projects. With proper knowledge and skills such kind of translation fully corresponds to the author’s style, simultaneously keeping national peculiarities of the text and making it accessible to the target audience.

Art types of translation services
We perform a high-quality and creative variety of literary text translation, reflecting the author’s language with its various figures. With “Valodu Serviss” you can order all kinds of literary text translations

  • Short stories, novels, novellas
  • Essays, literary and critical articles
  • Brochures and popular books
  • Promotional materials that include literary content
  • Literary materials in periodicals and magazines
  • Other texts

Experts of “Valodu Serviss”, performing literary text translation, use language tools and their creative potential; it guarantees efficient and emotional content of any literary text.

Each book is the source of knowledge and self-education, the means of enlarging one’s life vision as well as a chance to perfect one’s soul. The book in other language cannot be obtainable without participation of professional translators. “Valodu Serviss” offers the opportunity to discover amazing literary images as well as experience hidden in books of other countries. Our office services have individual approach to each translation project. Translation efficiency and high educational and cultural level as well as experience are highly appreciated by our clients.