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“Valodu Serviss” offers a legal content translation for people who deal with legal issues – lawyers, notaries, assistants, etc. This area of activity is unique since translators need to have not only extensive knowledge of language but also knowledge of legal theory and practice as well as they have good understanding of political and socio-cultural characteristics of the country the documents are originated. “Valodu Serviss” provides translators and interpreters who not only specialize in legal issues but are also experience in working in this area for years. After finishing translation, if it is necessary, practical lawyer checks and edits the documents.
This service is ordinary and is necessary for Latvian and foreign companies as well as Latvian entrepreneurs who work abroad and in dealing with issues between individuals.

Our company performs the following legal text translation services:

  • Legislation and regulations, projects
  • Contracts, agreements
  • Letters of attorney, statutes of the company;
  • court documents
  • supporting documents – certificates, licences, etc
  • Local legal documents – legislative acts (instructions, regulations, etc.)

Legal translations performed by “Valodu Serviss” translators, if it is necessary will be certified and legalized by the law.

Short deadlines
Individual skill to choose the right word and term is used in case of urgent translation of legal documents.

Contract translation
Contract translation is a work in which translator must have a good knowledge of the issue described in the document as well as the legislation of the country in which the document is written. Translating the contract, translator should avoid ambiguity, confusion, and deviation from the main topic of the original document.
Translation agency “Valodu Serviss” understands the fact that incorrect or inaccurate translation of the contract can lead to misunderstandings or even cause the trial between a client and performer and take a full responsibility for this matter.

We practice individual approach to every client; every received for translation document we take as important one for our agency development. Strict deadlines, educated and qualified staff, documents certified by notary, documents certified with Apostille, legalization of documents, urgent services – these are all our advantages that will be appreciated by everyone who decides to choose “Valodu Serviss”. We guarantee high quality of translation as well as optimal prices and professional service.